Organic Aid® For Nails Only

for-nails-only-sqOrganic Aid® For Nails Only is a unique nail treatment containing the proteins required to fortify and strengthen weak, brittle, and peeling nails. It is formulated with the proper ingredients to help nails grow longer and stronger while making cuticles soft, pliable, and smooth.

Unlike nail hardeners or fillers, Organic Aid® For Nails Only is designed with a non-oily base, allowing your nails to breathe naturally.

With Organic Aid® For Nails Only, you will have:

  • Stronger, more natural growth
  • Vital proteins identical to those found in your own nails and cuticles
  • More absorption into the nail and cuticle to supplement the protein structure
  • Less peeling and chipping of nails color
  • Better-looking manicures and pedicures

Organic Aid® For Nails Only is ideal for:

  • Anyone with soft, weak, peeling, or split nails
  • Anyone with dry, ragged, hard-to-manage cuticles
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