Remedée® Hair Care System

remedee-hair-care-systemRemedée®  Hair Care System is a two-part hair therapy and recovery system consisting of Remedée® Shampoo and Remedée® Treatment. Remedée® contains a proprietary formula of proteins that not only matches the natural proteins of human hair, but also re-integrates and nourishes damaged hair, smoothing and strengthening it to make your hair look more glamorous.

Remedée®  Hair Care System has been the stylist’s “secret weapon” for four decades.

Remedée®  Hair Care Shampoo :

  • Adds body and bounce to hair, leaving a polished look
  • Makes your hair feel thicker after the first application, giving it that “touchable effect”
  • Revitalizes hair by reducing breakage of dry, bleached, relaxed, or tinted hair
  • Helps to thicken thin hair
  • Smooths split hair, making your hair feel softer and more elegant

Remedée®  Hair Care Treatment is ideal for anyone:

  • With dull, lackluster hair, giving hair a young, shiny, and glamorous look
  • With split ends or frizzy hair, making it more touchable
  • Seeking stronger, more flexible, and more manageable hair
  • Wanting more body to their hair and a fresh polished look

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