Organic Aid® Natural Clear Vitamin E Soap

BW-slide-02This naturally clear soap is enriched with Vitamin E and skin-balanced amino acid proteins. It contains Glycerin, a moisturizing agent that reduces excessive wrinkles, improves complexion, and leaves your skin soft and glowing.

Organic Aid® Natural Clear Soap:

  • Deep cleanses, leaving pores unclogged
  • Won’t strip natural skin oils
  • Does not contain skin-drying alcohol
  • Is non-comedogenic
  • Contains low PH and is alkali free

Glycerin Benefits :

  • Glycerin helps the skin absorb the moisture in the air, causing it to stay softer.
  • People with sensitive skin find that glycerin is gentle on their complexion.
  • This soap quickly dissolves in water, making it easy to wash off. It doesn’t leave behind a film.
  • Because it’s gentle on the skin, glycerin soap can be used by people of all ages.

Organic Aid® Natural Clear Soap is made from the finest oils, leaving the skin clean, silky, and glamorous.

This Natural Clear Vitamin E soap is available in a variety of fragrances including:

Herbal, Musk, Peach, Lemon/Lime, Strawberry.

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