About Buty-Wave

Būty-Wave, a beauty company based in Los Alamitos, California, has enjoyed decades of success.

The company began in 1939 after Hyman and Ruth Simon moved from New York to Los Angeles to start a small hair care company. In the beginning, Būty-Wave manufactured and sold wigs, falls, and other hair pieces to movie stars and studios. The chemicals used by studio stylists at the time were so harsh they damaged the stars’ hair, leaving many of them unable to work for long stretches of time.

Joe Simon, Hyman’s son who ran the company until December 2010, said, “Due to my father’s knowledge of hair, Būty-Wave had no problem developing preparations to improve the hair and reverse the damage done by the chemicals.”

Joe Simon was 15 when his family relocated to California from New York to start Būty-Wave. He grew up working in the business with his father and was President of Būty-Wave from 1981 until 2010, maintaining the family business with the help of his son Melvyn.

Over the years, Joe Simon became interested in the chemical structure of hair and began developing formulas to help reverse the aging process of hair. He eventually created a product called Restor, which has been highly successful for the company. “The whole thing began with our curiosity over what caused hair to break down and our desire to replace the structure of hair,” he explained.

After years of research and testing, Joe Simon developed a system to fight hair loss, resulting in the launch of Remedée. “The active ingredients in Remedée comprise the same molecules as human hair, and are very much the same that are found in the skin and on the scalp’s surface,” said Simon. “When the shampoo is applied, the molecules relating to the hair separate from the shampoo and enter the hair via a unique delivery system.”

Manufacturing of all of the Būty-Wave products was moved to Los Alamitos, California in August 2011, and its original formulas are compounded by Geoff Bennett. The family-owned principles, innovative developments, and commitment to providing quality beauty products that inspired the Simons to start Būty-Wave, continue to lie at the heart of the company’s operations.