Organic Aid® Scrub Cream

scrub cream
Organic Aid® Scrub Cream contains a unique formula that gently exfoliates skin and deeply cleanses pores giving your face a radiant glow. It also helps oxygenate the skin for further nourishing, moisturizing treatments.

Organic Aid® Scrub Cream is a gentle skin polisher loaded with a skin-firming protein and Vitamin “E” resulting in a youthful, fresh and polished look. It diminishes the appearance of fine lines giving the skin a youthful glow. The protein penetrates into the skin, creating a smooth, silky texture.

Use as directed on face, hands, back, feet, anywhere you want to have smooth, silky, clean-feeling skin.

Organic Aid® Scrub Cream is ideal for:

  • With sensitive, dry or scaling skin
  • Seeking a gentle exfoliation of the face
  • Wanting to firm up, tighten the pores and silken the skin
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